Idlewells Shopping Centre


Idlewells Christmas Extravaganza Winner!

Shoppers Big Hearts Shine Through During Christmas Wrapping Session

On the 24th of December, one lucky shopper bagged herself a Christmas prize worth over £200 pounds! Throughout the month, the Idlewells Shopping Centre hosted its largest prize draw ever – the Advent Extravaganza!

Day by day, customers used their smart phones to uncover hidden prizes on a magical treasure map. Then the first person to grab it each day won! The closer to Christmas it got the bigger the prizes became! However, things were about to get a whole lot more interesting.

In the final few days before Christmas Eve, the ante was well and truly raised! All participating customers were sent a push message each day, would reveal that day's prize and where to find it! Now the race was really on to grab each prize before someone else got there first!

The biggest prize, a collection of Christmas goodies from various retailers was the grand prize on Christmas Eve, and for the lucky shopper, Christmas was about to become even more memorable.

Diane Nunn - a local resident from the Ashfield area – was the lucky winner of the Christmas Eve prize, scooping a prize worth over £200, Diane's Christmas was suddenly shaping up to be extra special.

The Idlewells Centre would like to congratulate both Diane and her family on winning the big Idlewells Advent Extravaganza!