Idlewells Shopping Centre

A Time to Reflect...

WW1 Time Capsule Workshop

A Time to Reflect...


To commemorate The Great War, Idlewells Shopping Centre is putting together a memorial Time Capsule featuring drawings, photographs, poems and completed ration book-style questionnaires – to hide away for four years in the iconic Idlewells clock.

On 4th August, both young and old took part in a workshop aimed at encouraging reflection of the past - with drawings and poems - and recording a sense of the present with questions like “list three luxuries,” “tell us three prominent people of today”. It is hoped that this will make interesting reading on 4th August 2018, when the Time Capsule is finally opened up again.

Some of the luxuries participants decided on include; a day out to a Spa, going to Skegness and an Xbox. Prominent people of today include singer, Beyonce, footballer, Messi and local Olympic medallist Becky Adlington.  Popular food revealed a broad range of delicacies from KFC to fish fingers to Carbonara.

Photographs of the Centre’s giant memorial poppy field canvases - and many of those who made their mark on them - will also be hidden away for four years above the Massarella’s café, with a display of the contents planned for 2018.

Pictured: Idlewells’ Jemma works with visitors of all ages to record our WWI commemoration day.