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Black Friday to Reveal Idlewells' Christmas Surprises

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Black Friday to Reveal Idlewells' Christmas Surprises

Following a phenomenal Black Friday event in 2015, Idlewells Shopping Centre is once again holding a pre-Christmas 'night to remember' for bargain hunters and browsers to welcome back Santa to Sutton.

Last year's snowglobe Grotto was always going to take some beating in the popularity stakes, but the Idlewells team is, once again, boasting the most unique Santa's Grotto in the area - and locals are eagerly awaiting its arrival.

As well as this year's Grotto, Black Friday will play host to a once-only group of VIP visitors to delight locals of any age with a yearning for learning! There are still preparations underway for this exclusive event, but details are expected to follow soon.

Shoppers will get to take advantage of late night shopping and bargains galore, as a number of retailers plan extended hours and mark-down prices in readiness for the UK's fastest growing shopping phenomenon - Black Friday.

Black Friday will herald the official start to Christmas in Idlewells, with events and activities planned throughout the build up to the big day.

Full details of this year's Christmas programme will be posted soon!


Pictured below: Last year's Black Friday star attraction - Bjorn. He drew huge crowds, and the closest you will ever get to a real Polar Bear!!!