Idlewells Shopping Centre

Penguin Delight at Idlewells


Penguin Delight at Idlewells

Idlewells Shopping Centre welcomed some VIP’s through its doors on Friday, four 'very important penguins' - Charlie, Pringle, Louise and Milo.

The four Humboldt Penguins, all born and raised here in the UK, spent four hours in Idlewells as shoppers came in, as part of small groups, to hear all about the species - including their behaviour and the risks to their future - and watch them as they explored their surroundings, onlookers and their doting carers.

Questions came thick and fast from visitors of all ages captivated by the inquisitive creatures aged 6, 14, 15 and 16 years old.  The penguins spent most of their time basking and preening each other, approaching any 'particularly interesting’ onlookers and preening carer Barbara, who clearly had a strong bond with her charges.

“The evening was a pure delight.” Said Chloe, “Seeing the faces of children light up in this way is what it was all about in the first place - who knows where this experience will take some of these youngsters. We truly hope its the start of a long journey of love and care for wild animals and our environment”, continued Chloe. “Some of these children have never seen anything like them in real-life before.” 

Many visitors donated to a collection by the Centre for Wildlife Vets International - an organisation that provides veterinary support to conservationists all over the world - with a total of £270 raised on the night. For more information on the work they do, and the animals that benefit, please visit