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Work starts on Idlewells Indoor Market

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Work starts on Idlewells Indoor Market

Ashfield District Council has begun preliminary work on the refurishment of Sutton-in-Ashfield's popular indoor market inside Idlewells Shopping Centre, prompting a 3 week closure to visitors.

The remaining modernisation work will take place throughout the coming months with the market is fully functional, ensuring customers are inconvenienced as little as possible until its completion planned for November.

During this initial closure period and beyond, some of the traders have moved out into the shopping centre to enable trade to continue thoughout; A 'mini'market' has been set up in one of the empty shop units, containing a mixture of popular stalls. Material Girl, Dove Communications, Beauty Box and Jenny's Lingerie are all enjoying a temporary slot in a space next door to fashion store Select, enjoying access to a whole new audience and pre-promoting the new look Indoor Market. 

Renowned fruit and vegetable stall, Frutarian, has its full range on display in the centre of Idlewells, right up until summer, positioned directly opposite the entrance of B&M Bargains. The position of this stall is already proving a good move for owner and public alike. It's high profile position is encouraging more impulsive purchases by passers by and provides easier access to a healthier snack!

"We're very pleased to accommodate these stalls during the closure." Said Chloe O'Donnell. "The stall holders have done a lovely job of setting up their stalls and they are enabling us to provide our shoppers with more choice - which is always our aim!"

As well as the temporary relocations, Chloe was pleased to permanently relocate small business E-Cig Wizard into a small kiosk just outside of the market entrance. The kiosk had been empty for a considerable period of time and its new tenant adds a new offering to the Market Mall area of the Centre.

Visuals of the new look market will be available to view in the market following this initial closure period, and via Ashfield District Council.  For more information, please contact the Council's markets team on: 01623 551385.

Idlewells Shopping Centre will keep you updated on its Facebook page, as and when provided with information by Ashfield District Council.