Idlewells Shopping Centre

Free pics & chocs for father's at Idlewells

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Idlewells Shopping Centre has hired a local photographer and paid for hundreds of photo's as a gift for shoppers visiting on Saturday 17th June.

Within this latest promotion, the popular Sutton-in-Ashfield shopping centre, and hub of the local community, continues to provide its surprised customers with ’something for nothing' as a 'thanks' for their loyal support of its own retailers, and stores in the town centre.

Photographer, Jason Parnell, will be in Idlewells between 12 noon and 3pm the day before Father's Day, with a portable studio set up and printer. Jason has been commissioned to take portrait photographs of families, couples and children - and provide up to two 8"x6" mounted prints per group to mark Father’s Day 2017.

"We thought this would be a lovely thing to do for local dads, grandads and families in general." Said Chloe O'Donnell, Idlewells' Centre Manager. "They can have a family picture taken to keep themselves - or families and friends could have a picture taken as a surprise gift for someone on Father's Day."

In addition to providing the photographs, Idlewells will be giving out free Yorkie chocolate bars to dads, carers and grandads who are in the Centre on the day, whilst stocks last. 

"We thought it would be a bit of fun to give Yorkies away too, as they are light-heartedly known to be 'men only' chocolate bars, following the confectioner's controversial ad campaign in the '90's." Smiled Chloe. "We hope our customers enjoy another free treat on us, and it puts smiles on faces for Father's Day." Concluded Chloe.

Idlewells continually surprises shoppers with its free 'thanks' gifts, recently giving away free Easter eggs, daffodils for Mother's Day and fifty pence pieces on Valentine's Day.



Father's Day promotion - Terms and Conditions:

Free Photographs: The photographs are intended as a free gift for fathers on Father's Day, from Idlewells Shopping Centre. Two 8"x6" photographs will be provided in freestanding mounts, free of any charge courtesy of the shopping centre. Photographs can be taken of any size family group of up to 5 people. Groups are not restricted solely to families.

Strictly, a maximum of 2 prints can be provided per group.  Individuals may be on a maximum of two differnt group photographs.  The decision regarding the taking and printing of photographs is at the discretion of photographer, Jason Parnell, on the day and on behalf of Idlewells Shopping Centre. Ultimately the Centre Manager or Duty Manager's decision is final.

The photographer will, under no circumstances, actively promote the sales of reprints or enlargements - but they can be available on request, on the day.

Free Chocolate Bars: Yorkie bars have been purchased as gifts for Dad's, Carers and Grandads - as a promotion specifically for Father's Day.  In the spirit of Father's Day, the giveaway is intended for male customers, but can be claimed by other family members to give to 'dad/grandad/carer'. 

Strictly: only on bar per person or family group. Children cannot claim the chocolate bars on this occasion, unless for a parent or grand parent. One bar per family group applies to families of any size.