Idlewells Shopping Centre

Double dose of Halloween fun at Idlewells

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Sutton's popular shopping centre, Idlewells, has announced its free activities for Halloween this year, to include TWO packages of free entertainment for kids - of all ages!

On Saturday 28th October popular local attraction, White Post Farm, will be bringing some of its 'less cuddly' friends to Idlewells, including*; Stick Insects, a Tarantula, Cockroaches, Snails, a Bearded Dragon, a Corn Snake, a Royal Python, a Leopard Gecko, a Scorpion, a Millipede, Rats - and some super-cute Guinea Pigs and Rabbits for more sensitive shoppers!

In addition to the' Creepy Critters Fretting Zoo' - there will be some petting allowed where it's safe and appropriate to do so - Idlewells is laying on two free 'Crafty Monkey' workshops;  Make a witches broom and Decorate a vampire, or witches cape to take home.

"We're looking forward to marking Halloween with these two family events," said Chloe O'Donnell, Centre Manager. "White Post Farm is very popular and we know from experience that their people take great care of their charges. The animals are in good hands and all the family will enjoy seeing some marvellous creatures, in some instances for the first time, and hopefully learning something new too."

The workshops will give children (and adults if they wish) the opportunity to decorate a vampire or witches cape with a range of supplied embelishments, and to make a witches broom!" She continued.

All the fun starts at 11am until 3pm, and everything is completely free of charge, provided for local shoppers by Idlewells Shopping Centre, as always.

 *Animal attendance may vary slightly on the day.