Idlewells Shopping Centre

Argos invests in Sutton

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Argos, Sutton-in-Ashfield, has re-opened for business in Idlewells Shopping Centre today, proudly displaying its fully refurbished interior, fixtures, fittings - and a quicker, simpler, state-of-the-art system for customers to order, pay and collect their shopping.

Plenty of staff were on hand, sporting brand new uniforms, to demonstrate the store's new capabilities, including 'quick browse and order' on new in-store tablets and a 'quick-pay' system - the first of its kind in any Argos in the region.

"The new system is a huge improvement," Explains Store Manager, Andy Haigh "The use of tablets, rather than the old catalogues, allows access to a far bigger range of products, it will tell you if an item is in stock and you can use your own memorable word as an order reference - this cuts down the need for a two-stage pay and collect system as previously used."

Andy recommends two 'journey's' when making a purchase at Argos. Either; reserve an item and pay online at home - then collect via Fastrack Collection, or browse the in-store tablets then order using a memorable word and collect in minutes.

"Our in-store ordering system now instantly instructs our pickers to locate your item, so by the time you arrive at the counter to pay, it should be ready and waiting for you.  Anyone ordering online from home, may also be pleasantly surprised to know that money paid online does go directly to Sutton Argos, therefore they are supporting the local economy too. " He explains.

As well as the new technology, the store has been opened out to make the process flow for shoppers' comfort and easy-access.

Said Chloe O'Donnell, Idlewells Shopping Centre Manager, "We are delighted with the refurbishment, it's been a costly project for Argos and therefore a big 'thumbs up' to us and the Sutton people, who have obviously made it a worthwhile investment. We are sure our customers will be really happy with the results and we hope it will help to attract many more customers going forward."

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 Main Picture (L-R): Store Manager, Andy Haigh,  Idlewells Manager, Chloe O'Donnell, Retail Assistant, Sue Toon-Poynton, Customer Services Manager, Iain Robers and Retail Assistant Liam Mannion.

Pictured above (top to bottom) Fast Track Collection Point, Iain, Jordan and Andy show off the new in-store tablets, Tablet v Catalogue - which would you choose?, Jordan explains the new Quick Pay Station.