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'Live' dinosaur in Idlewells - part of a huge summer mix-up

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This summer, Idlewells Shopping Centre has a real mixed-bag of free activities and events on offer for visiting families - including the chance to play junk percussion, visit a planetarium - and come face-to-face with a 'live' dinosaur!

Each saturday during the school holidays, between 11am & 3pm, Idlewells has one or two attractions for children to have a go, take pictures, get involved - or simply watch and learn something new!

Kicking off on Saturday 28th July, will be two roving Flower Men, creating a selfie-stir in the Centre, and a FREE mini-flower pot and seed set, yours when you show a receipt for £5 or more spent in Idlewells on the day!*  The following week, in the Indoor Market, we're giving you and your family the chance to get the closest you will ever come to meeting a real live dinosaur - guaranteed! 

On week three we have a programme of Junk Percussion sessions for all to join in - and a workshop to decorate a tote bag for life!  Week four we are back in the Indoor Market with an inflatable planetarium with a 10 minute show - ideal for young stargazers and dreamers! Here they can dress up in supplied space suits and gaze at the planets in wonder and awe - and learn a little about the great big beyond if they want to.

Following a fifth week in which we will have an amazing team in to build a giant sea horse - and you can make your own mini sea horse, mermaid or fish to take away too! The finale event will be a simple fun 'free-for-all', when we bring in a Rodeo Sheep (yes, you read correctly) and a huge mat-full of Giant Lego for children to play with!

Half of the activities will take place on the shopping malls as usual - with our sand pit and giant deckchair back by popular demand - the other half (Meet the Dinosaur, the planetarium and the Rodeo Sheep and Lego) will be housed in the central spot in the recently refurbished Indoor Market.

Everyone attending the Summer Mix Up can claim a weekly sticker to stick on their game card and move along the 6-week 'board'. On the final week your completed game card can be exchanged for a small treat, courtesy of Idlewells Shopping Centre.  You can pick up a game card leaflet in Idlewells at your first event or in Sutton Library - where there will also be an amazing selection of free events this summer - full details can also be found on the Idlewells' summer leaflet.

Said Chloe O'Donnell, Manager of Idlewells Shopping Centre, "We've just gone for out and out fun this year, hiring in some great activities for local children to have a go at, learn from - and most of all have fun!" When asked about the 'live' dinosaur on 4th August, Chloe would not be drawn, simply responding "you will have to come along and see for yourself!"

tiny in Bury

Meet Tiny the dinosaur at Idlewells on Saturday 4th August.


Timetable & Gameboard

Download and print out - or pick up a copy in Idlewells Shopping Centre at your first event! Claim a sticker each time you visit and enjoy a reward when you hand in your full card at the last day's event - 1st September!

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*Terms & Conditions:

28th July - Flowerpot Giveaway: This giveaway is for any customer on the day showing a receipt from any shop in Idlewells Shopping Centre on 28th July 2018 - for £5 or over.  Anyone showing a receipt will be entitled to one flowerpot PER CHILD in your party. The child must be present to receive the flowerpot in person, unless in special circumstances. 

Events - General: All events are intended for all ages and abilities and free for visitors to Idlewells Shopping Centre. However, participation on the day is at the discretion of third party staff running/working the event on the day, and ultimately at the discretion of Idlewells staff (Management/Security) - who will always have the final say.  Events and activities may have exclusions due to age/height and ability - in relation to health & safety of the individual or other participants.  Participants who are disruptive to others - or in any way spoiling the fun for others - may be asked to leave the event.